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a Los Angeles-i Egyesült Magyar Ház és a Los Angeles-i Magyar Főkonzulátus szervezésében

Második Magyar Dokumentum és Rövidfilm Fesztivál

a 7.-ik nap témái: hajléktalanság, Székelyföld, Cirque du Soliel és különleges cédrusfák

Nyugati régió
2011. március 18.
Második Magyar Dokumentum és Rövidfilm Fesztivál
Diogenes in Search of a Barrel / Diogenész hordót keres

Director of photography: Lajos Nádorfi
Director: László B. Révész
Production company: Videant Film Kft 2005

...Diogenes, a Greek philosopher from the fifth century B.C., symbolizes those shown in this film. They are homeless individuals who came from an educated background. Diogenes also wrote but none of his writings survive only anecdotes that portray him as a fantastical figure. One particular story tells of how he used to live in a barrel. The only thing he owned was a robe that clothed him during the day and covered him at night.
The men and women in this film have lost their homes. And they don’t even have a barrel...( 50 minutes)


Servitude in Seklerland / Székelyföldi szolgasorsok

Director of photography: Béla Körtési
Director: Attila Moharos
Producer: György Durst, György Fülöp
Production company: Centrál Filmstúdió 2005

Institutionalized servitude has a long history in Transylvania and also in Seklerland. The story of the Fülöp siblings begins in 1999 when, still only a child, Levente is sent to Atyha as a servant. Csaba’s story introduces us to a story of modern servitude that ties individuals to a certain place from where they can never escape. There are four siblings in the family and they know nothing of each other’s fates. All alone and abandoned by their parents, will they succeed in establishing contact without the aid of telephones, e-mail or a traditional postal service? (59 minutes)


“O” That Show / “O” ez a show
Director/Producer: Eszter Nordin 2009

The world famous Cirque du Soleil, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009, performs several shows throughout four continents, 5 different shows in Las Vegas alone. “O” is probably the most spectacular and most popular one, watched by over 7 million people during the past 11 years. We are proud to have no less than 4 Hungarian performers in “O”, and we interviewed them during their preparations for one of the performances. The film also includes excerpts from the show, courtesy of Circque du Soleil. (10 minutes)


Decomposing Past, Mouldering Future? – The Ancient Cypresses of Bükkábrány /

Korhadó múlt, porladó jövő? – Bükkábrányi ősciprusok
Director of photography: János Hajdú
Director: Ágoston Kollányi
Producer: Gábor Török, András Fényes
Production company: Titánia-Master Pro Kft

It was a day in July like any other when workers at an opencast mine in Bükkábrány discovered ancient tree trunks in the sand. Their digger uncovered tree trunks some 4 meters in diameter, and not just one or two but a whole forest. Miraculously, the wood was in near original condition and had neither turned to coal or stone. Their discovery was something of a sensation but what looked like the beginning soon seemed doomed to an untimely end. Covered for 7 million years, the trees were now exposed to the ravages of reality as they began to dry, split and decompose. Or could they possibly be saved? It’s a race against time… (25 minutes)